Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tactical Vest Replacement: One More Time

First, we had the call for new load bearing equipment (in this case, for “modular fighting rigs“).

Then, we didn’t anymore.

As of today, the CF is trying again (this time seeking “modular vests“) – this, via MERX:
The department of National Defence has a requirement for three (3) different systems of modular vests with components and specialized pouches. The systems have to be military off the shelf or commercial off the shelf and in accordance with the Purchase Description dated September 2009.
If you’re interested in what’s part of each of the three system combos, you can download a short summary here (via

Once again, they’re hoping to see these things soon:
Delivery requested: To commence as soon as possible and be completed by 30 April 2010.
More, as it happens.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Just adopt the SADF Pattern 83 vest, like the Australians did (M83 there, though original SADF is better I think)...Many Brits in Helmand, seem to have bought these out of pocket. See pics in Patrick Bishop's book 3 Para.

8:21 a.m., December 24, 2009  

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