Thursday, January 17, 2008

Radarsat-2 and landmines

So a US company that makes land mines has just bought our new reconnaissance satellite. Pink Lloyd's knickers are all a-twitter; talk about grasping at anti-American straws:
Lloyd Axworthy, the foreign minister when Canada signed the Ottawa protocol, said he believes the sale contravenes the provisions of that treaty.

"It [ATK] is a major arms merchant that is creating some of the dirtiest weapons in the world," Axworthy said Wednesday.

"The transfer of public money into a company making landmines is clearly banned under the treaty so this would be a clear case of non-compliance," he said...

ATK replied in an e-mail, saying the mines it currently provides to NATO and its allies comply with the treaty.

Referring to its landmines, ATK said: "Any systems that are provided internationally will be Ottawa-convention compliant.["]..
Has this sort of Canadian nothing better to do?


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