Thursday, January 28, 2010

Globeite Doug Saunders unmasked: "--The Star shows why reporters, not columnists, should report the news"

Further to this post,
Globeite Doug Saunders still can't tell a US Marine from a soldier
Norman Spector fires a round:

--What the Globe is reporting

Canada on sidelines of Afghan strategy - Globe and Mail

It was audible in the words of Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon, who seemed to have been taken by surprise by the key idea to be tabled at today's high-level conference on the Afghan war - a proposal by President Hamid Karzai to create an international fund to pay Taliban fighters and leaders to join the government.

"I am anxious to see what President Karzai will put forward ... we will make a determination on that as to whether this is a plan with which we can work," Mr. Cannon said yesterday. "We need to come back to Canada and give these ideas serious consideration."

--Who else appears to have been surprised by the key idea

NATO weighs Taliban truce in plans for Afghan peace (Saunders yesterday)

After hitting southern Afghanistan with tens of thousands of additional soldiers in an effort to weaken a resurgent Taliban, the NATO-led military alliance is considering a plan to end the war by entering power-sharing negotiations with Taliban leaders and former fighters.

--The Star shows why reporters, not columnists, should report the news

Wary Canada backs plan to buy off Taliban (Star)

Canada is expressing cautious support for an Afghan proposal to lure low-level insurgents away from the fighting with promises of money and economic incentives – a plan that could pave the way to negotiations with the Taliban...


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