Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Afstan and Amnesty International: Blasted hypocrites

Amnesty International has done its damnedest to undercut support for Canada's Kandahar mission by incessantly playing the torture card; now it raises really serious concerns:
Human rights in Afghanistan must be guaranteed during Taleban talks

Human rights, including women's rights, must not be traded away or compromised during any reconciliation talks with the Taleban in Afghanistan, Amnesty International said on the eve of a London conference set to discuss deteriorating security conditions in the country...

"The Taleban established a terrible record of violating human rights during their rule and they have done nothing since then to indicate they will act differently if they return to power."..

The Taleban and other insurgent groups in Afghanistan have shown little regard for human rights and the laws of war, deliberately targeting civilians, launching indiscriminate suicide attacks in which civilians are killed and engaging in the wholesale destruction of girls’ education.

According to UN figures, the Taleban were responsible for two thirds of the more than 2400 civilian casualties in Afghanistan last year, the bloodiest year yet since the fall of the Taleban [more here].

In areas under their control, the Taleban have severely curtailed the rights of girls and women, including the denial of education, employment, freedom of movement and political participation and representation...
Pity the CF won't be around after 2011 to help protect the Afghans--in some measure because of AI's own actions in this country. Blasted hypocrites: you made the bed filthy, now lie in it.

Update: The fellow who plays the torture card, Alex Neve, is simply AI's Canadian section secretary general. Not that one would think that from the first link at this post. So maybe the organization as a whole deserves more respect than its Canadian chief--who is most certainly not doing the Lord's work, indeed the devil's.

Upperdate thought: AI's Canadian members must be having rather a Ribbentrop/Molotov moment, don't you think? (By the way, the phrasing at the end of the Update was inspired by a friend.)


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