Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Command problems for US Army in Arghandab district

Details here from BruceR. at Flit:
Rough times in the Arghandab, redux: American CO working for Canadian TF sacked
More on the US Army and Arghandab:
The unit taking the most fatalities at Kandahar is American

The new US Army battalion under Canadian command: The Torch got it right

Babbler's Update: Sorry to jump into Mark's post, but BruceR's piece about the sacking of the American CO really deserves a bit more attention:

...given that this is the most significant thing to happen at KAF in nearly a month, and undoubtedly a prime gossip item in every coffee line there, I'm kinda surprised none of our Canadian pool reporters there had picked up on it yet, and left it to a guy at the Fayetteville Observer back home to get the scoop. Kinda reminds me of when Jim Day, working for the tiny Pembroke Ontario daily (also called the Observer) heard about the Somalia allegations first. Desk editors here in Canada might want to get someone to check the huts to see if their reporters are under the weather. If they are conscious, questions they might want to forcefeed them would include: was Canadian task force commander BGen Menard consulted on the Americans' decision to fire his immediate subordinate? Did he request it himself? etc. (I'm sure things were at sixes and sevens after the tragic loss of reporter Michelle Lang to an IED four weeks ago, Haiti, etc., but surely some arrangements have been made to keep press coverage in Afghanistan going. This strongly suggests they're not working.) [Babbler's emphasis]

Important questions indeed. As a media correspondent noted to me: "a huge upfuck by the Canadian media."


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