Monday, March 08, 2010

Afstan: Where are "liberal internationalists" when they are really needed?

Or, splash the Spaniards after condemning the Canucks. Or something:
...or it's an all-U.S. mission. Which would suit his fanbase just fine, I suspect...
Well, if only the Brits are also serious, what's a good American to think? Canadians might start appreciating, see end of this post:
The simple fact is that the great majority of forces involved will be American, even if many are under Canadian operational command. The US now sees Kanadahar as their area of operations and Canadian should get used to it--and our reporters (and their editors) should cover things accordingly, and realistically.
By the way, I think Bruce R.'s use of "liberal" in the title is rather of the Palmerstonian sort--a sense that has been generally forgotten, more especially the pity in the US when it was well understood after WW II. In Canada, well...


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