Sunday, March 07, 2010

The ISI and the Afghan Taliban/Quetta Shura Taliban Update

This was a panel March 3 at a major Conference of Defence Associations Institute meeting that I attended:
Panel II – Learning from Afghanistan: Capabilities Across the Spectrum
Moderator: Lyse Doucet, British Broadcasting Corporation
1) Chris Alexander, former Canadian Ambassador to Afghanistan, former United Nations Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Afghanistan
2) Dr. David Kilcullen, author of “The Accidental Guerrilla: Fighting Small Wars in the Midst of a Big One” [review at a CIA website here]
3) Brigadier-General Jonathan Vance, former Commander Canadian Joint Task Force-Afghanistan [see end of this post]...
It was my impression that Messrs Alexander and Kilcullen both effectively said the Pakistani military's ISI still essentially controls the Afghan Talibs; and I believe Alexander said the recent captures of certain Taliban leaders in Pakistan, presumably by the ISI, were in practice a Bad Thing since the guys taken might actually have been talked to (more here on the ISI from last September; see also 3) here, and here).

If Mr Alexander is right I owe an apology to Josh Wingrove for suggesting he may have been going Globeite:
One has been generally impressed with the pretty straight reporting of the Globe and Mail's new man in the 'stan. Now however he seems to be catching the paper's stinkin' agenda. His story today [Feb. 23]:
Top Taliban’s arrest an ominous signal
Recent detentions of moderates in Pakistan push Taliban further from conciliation, analysts fear...
Another excellent piece by Mr Wingrove is here.

Update: It's interesting that the Paks still have not gone after the Quetta Shura Taliban, the ones running the fight against ISAF at Kandahar, despite US pressure (the US itself has not yet used UAV strikes against the QST). Bruce R. at Flit suggests that... have to assume some deliberate intent on the Pak government's part, which leads to only one of two explanations: either Pakistan is signalling to the Afghan insurgents to stop any suggestion of raising hell in the rest of their country and stay where they are permitted to (ie, Quetta), or it's removing a targetted group of people that either it or another Taliban faction views as no longer useful, as this piece suggests. (Or both.)..


Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

On a tangential note, Pakistan has captured American traitor-Al Qaeda propagandist Adam Gadahn in Karachi. Gadahn was indicted in abstentia in a US Court for treason a few years back. He could (and IMO should, if convicted) get the death penalty for his treason.

On a historical and legal note, the authors of the US Constitution strictly defined treason in the US Constitution. This was done to prevent any American abuses of that charge as had so often been the case in Britain for centuries, mainly on non-traitors who were merely politically opposed to acts that the Monarch was doing.

4:04 p.m., March 07, 2010  
Blogger Baloch said...

Its the coherent and strategic ISI plan, they keep on producing something to appease western world while secretly they push for their own agenda in Afghanistan and Balochistan. There should be no doubt as to what ISI's design for Afghanistan are. It wants to run afghanistan the same way it was running it in the Taliban era by recuriting extremists from all over the world and using them as its "assets".

It continues its genocide of Baloch nation in their own homeland where on the Baloch sea port it's increasing the presence of China. Leaving Afghanistan as an experimenting lab for ISI in the past has resulted in 9/11 and the civilized world is planning to do the same again.

There will be no stability in the region untill the world leaders realize Baloch nation's right to exist, creation of an independent Baloch state is the only long term solution to Afghan war.


7:55 p.m., March 07, 2010  

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