Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Levant on the warpath

It looks like Ezra Levant is trying to enlist the help of DND employees in his ongoing high-profile battle against Richard Warman and the CHRC:

I've received some interesting feedback on my last blog entry, describing Richard Warman's new job as a "Director of Special Grievances -- Enquiries and Investigations" at the Department of National Defence. Some feedback was posted directly to my comments section, and some has come to my e-mail. I expect a more, now that CF chat sites like have taken note.


I want to know more about "Special Grievances" -- the sort that Richard Warman spends his time on.

Because amongst the list of potential issues are a few that seem to call out his name, from "harassment" to "discrimination". Even "Canadian Human Rights Commission" is listed. I'm sure that even Warman couldn't turn a dispute over pension benefits into an opportunity for "maximum disruption". But I'm equally sure that the Special Grievances Directorate doesn't waste its time on such matters.

So keep your e-mails coming. I want to know just how special a Special Grievance has to be before it's given to Warman for his special treatment.

If Warman is indeed using his "maximum disruption" approach, the cases I'm looking for are likely going to come from soldiers who have been drummed out of the Canadian Forces, or marginalized within it. Send those stories over in confidence.

It will be interesting to see if this solicitation yields any substantial results for him. Levant is flipping over some big rocks these days. I wonder if he's fully prepared for what will come scurrying out from under them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so I wonder how much it costs every year to staff and operate the "Special Grievances Directorate"

Money that could be better spent, no doubt, funding new equipment or training.

3:43 p.m., April 02, 2008  
Blogger WE Speak said...

I'd be happy if they could actually create a grievance procedure that worked. Having recently watched a friend go through the process, I see not much has changed. It's all about protecting the system.

8:08 p.m., April 02, 2008  
Blogger Cameron Campbell said...

bbs, I was involved in a grievance that worked out the way we wanted here at my workplace and it was a horribly torturous process that made me feel heart sick (and sick to my stomach at times) through out and I work at a University.

I can only imagine how much more complicated and unfun one involving the military has the potential to be.

I wonder at the fact that no one has really noticed the underhanded critique of the DND and the CF that is inferable from all of this: The implication contained in asking this question about Warman seems to be that he's over there basically as a rogue agent ignoring all the rules and the DND and the CF are just hunky dory with it.

Based on what I've read here, and on conversations I've had with relatives who've served, that just isn't the image of the CF and DND that I have.

9:45 a.m., April 04, 2008  

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