Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The DFAIT bone's connected to the...DND bone

I've never quite understood how Canadians have come to believe in large numbers that 'diplomacy' and 'military power' are completely separate concepts. It has always been clear to me that they're inextricably intertwined and interdependent. More anecdotal evidence from CanWest, showing just how each pillar of the 3D strategy works to strengthen the others:

While it is not uncommon for Canadian officials to overstate the country's influence at international summits, European sources say Canada's imprint on NATO's Afghanistan vision statement has been considerable in the past weeks.

"In essence, the shape of the document, how it looks, the priorities, of course they are consensus issues. Nobody has had their arm twisted by Canada," the NATO diplomat explained. "The Canadian ideas that have been brought to the table have resonated with the allies, as reflecting what they also want to articulate."

But the NATO diplomat said Canada's ambassador to NATO, Rob McRae, has played a key role in the weeks of sometimes heated closed negotiations over the final text of the Afghanistan statement.

"What Canadians have not seen is the very substantial role Canada has played," the diplomatic source said. "Let me tip my hat to Ambassador McRae here in shaping the political-military strategy."

Our international influence, our ability exert a positive influence on the rest of the world is either augmented or diminished by our military commitments, like it or not. Grown ups understand that.


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