Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"The controversial yellow ribbon"

David Miller in action--a post by Damian Penny:
The mayor of Toronto wants "support our troops" ribbons removed from city emergency vehicles by September...
This link has audio of an interview this morning by Steve Madely of CFRA, Ottawa, with Toronto city councilor Frances Nunziata, who opposes the mayor's move. This link gives the e-mail addresses of the mayor and the councillor should you wish to express your views to them. Mr Madely is suggesting to his listeners that they should refrain from visiting the Big Smoke if the mayor succeeds in having the decals removed from city vehicles.

You can vote at this link on this CFRA poll question:
Despite complaints it's an insult to Cdn soldiers,Toronto's mayor supports plans to remove "Support Our Troops" decals from fire trucks & ambulances,saying it can be seen as an endorsement of the war in Afghanistan. Ottawa fire trucks still have the decals. Should decals stay on Ottawa fire trucks & be allowed on police cars & ambulances?
Listen live to Lowell Green on CFRA from 0900 1200 Eastern--he's sure to deal with this.

Update: A good column by John Ivison in the National Post that raises broader issues; and one from Lorrie Goldstein in the Toronto Sun.

Babbler's Upperdate: Line of the Day:
"That's all you've got to complain about is a little 10-by-four-inch sticker?" one long-time firefighter asked. "Homeless people on the street and kids getting killed, and they're worried about a sticker?"
Uppestdate: Holy T.O! The Council got it right; I'm gob-smacked:
The controversy around the removal issue culminated today in unanimous support at city hall for motion to keep the decals on the vehicles indefinitely...

Although Mr. Miller had indicated he wouldn't support the motion, he said today the death of three more soldiers in Afghanistan brought the issue home for him.
How empathetic of him. And I hope the first paragraph of the story (below) is not in contradiction to the first para I quoted above:
Decals on emergency vehicles showing support for Canada's troops will remain on Toronto's emergency vehicles for at least another year...


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