Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Afghan detainees: Attaran vs. MacKenzie video/UK Update

The professor and the general (ret'd) have at it on CTV's Power Play; Lew MacKenzie is mad as hell and almost can't take it anymore. You be the ref.

Mr Attaran amongst other things accuses the Canadian Forces--not the government as a whole--of acting illegally in not releasing documents as ordered by the Commons (not "Parliament", pace the prof.). For more on that matter:
Afghan detainee docs: Crown privilege rules
Afghan detainees: The lawyer couldn't produce the documents so he dug up a witness/Update: CDS' letter on alleged murder
By the way, Mr Attaran in the clip, er, presents supercilious smarm superbly. Plus a piece on Mr Malgarai himself:
Translator stands by testimony on Afghan teen's death
Other video:
CTV National News: Roger Smith on the allegations
A former military translator claims there was a cover-up of the fatal shooting of an Afghan teenager...

CTV News Channel: Graeme Smith, Globe and Mail
Gen. Walt Natynczyk refuted the Afghan translator's serious accusations by issuing a summary of the events. But, the statement suggests there may be more to the story, says Graeme Smith.
More on the detainee issue from Adrian MacNair:
Afghan Detainees Not On The Radar Of Afghans
Update: We are not alone (via Norman's Spectator):
UK accused over Taliban torture risk when handing over insurgents
• Anti-war activivist seeks review over risk of torture
• Government accused of 'head in the sand' attitude

Detainee-torture allegations spread to Britain
Human-rights groups in London seek judicial review of documents charging ‘first-hand evidence of systematic torture'
But for some reason the matter is no big political deal in the UK.


Blogger WE Speak said...

MacKenzie kicks ass. Great piece. Loved the "lawyers" popularity dig to finish up. Classic Lew.

9:00 a.m., April 20, 2010  
Blogger Brad said...

That finishing was too good.

6:09 p.m., April 20, 2010  

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