Friday, April 30, 2010

Afghan detainee docs: CDS sticking it to government?

Further to this post,
Afghan detainee docs decision: When the law is no longer applicable‏‏
this certainly seems, er, provocative on the part of General Natynczyk:
Top general OK with releasing Afghan papers
Parties meet to find consensus on issuing uncensored versions of documents

The chief of Canada's defence staff says he's not opposed to the release of hundreds of pages of government documents related to Afghan detainee transfers.

"I'm very proud of what our men and women do. We're not perfect," Gen. Walter Natynczyk told CBC News on Thursday. "But when our men and women do the right things, we're proud. When they don't do the right things, we take action, as is happening with regard to various trials ongoing right now."

Opposition parties have berated the government for months for refusing to issue unredacted versions of the documents, which discuss the transfer of detainees captured by Canadian Forces in Afghanistan to Afghan custody.

The aim of obtaining the uncensored papers was to assist a parliamentary committee's investigation into allegations that Canadian officials knew transferred detainees were being tortured by Afghan officials.

The Conservative government says national security considerations bar it from releasing the material.

CBC News asked Natynczyk on Thursday, "Do you have any fears of people poring over those documents?"

Natynczyk responded: "Not at all, not at all."..
Not the first time the CDS may not have endeared himself to the government--from last November:
CDS serves a hard Afghan ball to the government


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