Wednesday, April 15, 2009

US Marines and the Afstan campaign/Helmand and Kandahar

What it all means for the Brits at Helmand:
If we can't hack it …
More (via Fred):
Major Combat Operations in Now Zad Afghanistan
Given that the Canadian strength at Kandahar is far smaller than the British at Helmand, the future is equally obvious in "our" province.

By the way, we Canadians obsess about Kandahar. But the Brits have some 8,000 personnel in Helmand, and the US Marines will shortly be adding about the same number there. That's 16,000 or so.

Whilst at Kandahar Canada has around 2,800 personnel. The US is bringing in very soon an army combat aviation brigade and later this summer a Stryker brigade combat team. Say some 8,000 personnel in total.

Add the numbers up (more details on US deployments here). It would seem that ISAF (well...) forces in fact are rather more needed in Helmand than Kandahar.

Update: I should have mentioned the Danish battalion, some 750 troops, fighting with the Brits at Helmand ( more at end of this post).


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