Saturday, March 28, 2009

"HMCS Protecteur To Depart On Three-Month Pacific Deployment"

Maritime Forces Pacific news release:
Friday, March 27, 2009

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Protecteur departs on March 31 for a three month deployment to the western Pacific Ocean. A highlight of the deployment will be a port-visit in Qingdao, China, to participate in International Fleet Review from April 19 to 23. The International Fleet Review [amongst others the Indian Navy will be there] provides an opportunity for interaction among navies of the Pacific region, to foster bonds of friendship and share views on common maritime issues.

On completion of the International Fleet Review, Protecteur will proceed to sea and provide oiler services for replenishment at sea (RAS) of allied navy warships in the western Pacific operating area, before returning to Esquimalt in early summer.

Carrying out this mission in support of allied navies wouldn’t be possible without professional and well-trained personnel. “The crew has undergone a long program to prepare for the deployment,” said Cmdr. Ian Wood, HMCS Protecteur’s Commanding Officer. “Sea Training staff will sail with us for the first week and conduct work-ups, which will be the final step in bringing the ship and crew to the highest level of readiness."

“The Pacific Ocean is a vast area and warships need tanker support to extend their range and stay at sea,” said Cmdr. Wood. “Ships need good quality fuel that meets stringent military standards. Quality fuel is not necessarily available at every port, while any ship re-supplied by Protecteur is guaranteed clean fuel.”

In addition to fuel, Protecteur carries medical supplies, spare parts and food; all are available from this naval supply “one-stop shop.” Protecteur has four warehouse decks loaded with pallets of stores, carrying everything from canned peaches to printer paper. Each pallet is strategically placed to ensure an efficient RAS. “The idea is for Protecteur to go out full and come back empty,” said Cmdr. Frederick Caron, HMCS Protecteur’s Executive Officer.

Earlier this month HMCS Winnipeg [also based at CFB Esquimalt--more here] took part with the USN in an exercise off Korea.

Grade 5 students pose in front of WINNIPEG's 57MM Bofors Gun.


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