Sunday, February 22, 2009

Poor Peter

The MND seems not to know the difference between a US Marine Expeditionary Brigade and a US Army Stryker Brigade Combat Team (details available here):
"A large majority of those troops will be coming into southern Afghanistan and Kandahar province, where Canada has over 2,800 soldiers serving," MacKay told CTV's Question Period on Sunday.

"This will clearly reinforce our effort to bring security on the ground, particularly on the border area, where they're going to send about 8,000 marines -- a striker [sic] brigade -- with high mobility...
This is the video; the story reports what I myself heard the MND say (at 1:21). Under the circumstances I'd say this Toronto Star story some two and a half weeks ago has it about right:
MacKay's NATO bid off to a dubious start
Unofficial campaign to be secretary general called 'little bit strange'


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