Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Soldiers in our cities

Fancy that. And for a 100 years to boot.
Armoury celebrating 100 years battling for freedom

One hundred years after it was built, the Peterborough Armoury still represents the battle for freedom.
The Armoury celebrated 100 years yesterday.

The current residents of the armoury are the Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment, a proud and storied regiment that traces it's lineage in Canada to 1800.
The Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment is a reserve infantry regiment of the Canadian Armed Forces. The Commanding Officer is LCol. J. J. (Joe) Parkinson CD

The Land Reserve (or Militia) is made up of citizen soldiers who train part-time at local armouries throughout the year and full-time (as their civilian employment permits) at military bases across Canada during the summer. Reservists also are eligible to take callouts to regular force taskings, exercises, and peacekeeping missions.

The Regiment forms part of 33 Canadian Brigade Group within Land Force Central Area. Regimental Headquarters is located in Belleville, Ontario... with additional companies in Peterborough and Cobourg.


Blogger Reg said...

I served 2.5 years at the Belleville Armouries and one year at the Peterborough Armouries. While Belleville is 'home', I have to admit that the amoury in Peterborough is the more impressive of the two.


2:51 p.m., April 25, 2008  

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