Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The lesson being taught is to keep one's mouth shut and let the PMO do the talking

When DND issues a press release dealing specifically with something you said to the media, you're generally sporting a new body orifice, recently chewed. May Major Moffat's next promotion rest in peace:

The views expressed to the Globe & Mail by a member of Joint Task Force Afghanistan concerning the need for a specified number of NATO soldiers were a personal opinion which do not represent the views of the Canadian Forces.

The Canadian Forces stand behind the Government's endorsement of the findings of the Independent Panel on Canada's Future Role in Afghanistan.

Never mind that a good many people, in uniform and out (Lew Mackenzie, anyone?), agree with the idea that more than 1,000 new fighting troops would be better. Never mind that a lot of "off the record" conversations will confirm that position.

But no, DND has to make an even bigger deal out of it, deepening the ongoing communications chill being felt all through the CF by slapping this poor sod's peepee in public like this.



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