Saturday, January 09, 2010

Afghan detainees: Liberal leader wants to look at “the conduct of our troops in the field”

Michael Ignatieff drops the pretence that his party is only interested in the government's handling of the detainee issue:

Ignatieff said Liberals will work with other opposition parties to continue exploring the Afghan detainee issue while Parliament is shuttered. And he lambasted Harper for proroguing rather than complying with a Commons resolution demanding that the government turn over documents related to torture accusations levelled by diplomat Richard Colvin [more here].

“Democracy breaks down if a prime minister defies the elected representatives of the people on a matter of that importance,” he said.

Ignatieff said the documents would shed light on such crucial matters as whether Canada has respected international law and human rights, “the conduct of our troops in the field” and the conduct of the government which appears to have ignored warnings about torture [more here and here].

“This is really serious stuff,” he said, adding that Liberals “will not let up about this.”

Serious stuff indeed. So much for the Liberals' concern for "the honour of Canadian troops." (Last para at link--another well-known Liberal is featured here by Adrian MacNair.) Via Orville at Dust my Broom. Plus earlier:
"Torture in Afghanistan: The Liberals knew" redux


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