Monday, November 09, 2009

What might an Afghan think?

From a US Marine recently Embedded in Afghanistan:
Perception is an incredibly important part of any counter-insurgency, as winning the support of the people should ultimately lead to victory. I can confirm that many of the people of Afghanistan don't really care who wins this war, just so long as someone wins it, and they can live a semblance of a normal life...i.e. the people will support the side that appears to be on the path to victory.

For these reasons, any action leading to the perception of weakness or lack of commitment on our part needs to be scrupulously avoided. It would have been better to avoid all of this public debate on the issue...unless the request is granted of course, in which case we may take some small benefit from all of this publicizing of our intentions on the matter.
Now if only the President of the United States, latest here, (and others) would think of that:
Afghanistan: Marines bring some calm in Helmand
But many residents in the insurgent heartland fear the U.S. troops may leave abruptly, leaving the area for the Taliban to retake.

Afstan: Brits to reduce combat effort to win public support?
And what's a poor Afghan to think of this?
Afstan: Planning to end (most of?) the CF's mission/Update: Dutch and Aussies
Strong horses (hard men?) and all that.


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