Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"The story of a Metis veteran: The Measure of a Metis Man"

To round off this special day a post by Darcey at Dust my Broom where I blog more generally (link added):
le MetisThis is a 1/2 hour feature - which focuses on Francis Goodon from Turtle Mountain in Southwest Manitoba. Francis spent a lifetime trying to prove himself to others - as a proud Métis, Francis grew up fighting for his rights. He fought with other kids against racism. He fought to get into the army - it took him four tries. Then, in the army he fought to prove he was just as good as the next soldier. As a prisoner of war, he fought to stay alive and relied on his Métis roots and family upbringing. Following the WW2, he spent decades fighting the Canadian government for compensation. Francis was a gunner with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles B Company.

Part 0ne [video]...
Dedicating a memorial to Métis veterans at the Juno Beach Centre
Francis Godon:


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