Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Dedicating a memorial to Métis veterans at the Juno Beach Centre

From Krazy at Dust my Broom (sorry I did not think to mention here sooner):
Going back to France

My father Francis Godon has been invited to go back to Normandy France to be part of a group of veterans to dedicate a memorial at the Juno Beach Center to Metis veterans.

The monument will consist of an exhibit highlighting the history of the Métis Nation in Canada and a Red River Cart, a widely recognized symbol of the Métis Nation currently being constructed in the Métis Nation homeland. The Red River Cart will be accompanied by Métis Nation veterans and youth to Juno Beach in November, where they will take part in its unveiling with a dedication ceremony during 2009 Remembrance Day events.

I will be going with him as his aid to help him as he is 85 years old and has some problems with those "damn cities" as he puts it. This will be the second time I've had the honor of accompanying him to France and Juno beach...

More details:
Going back to France Part II
Francis Godon:


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