Wednesday, October 07, 2009

CF Wants to Keep a Closer Eye on Outer Space

This, from MERX:
“The Department of National Defence (DND) has a requirement for Project Management and Engineering Support Services (PMESS) to support the Project Management Office of the Surveillance of Space Project . The required professional support services include the following streams of support: Project Management Support, Project Administration Support, Software Support and Subject Matter Expertise. These support services will be provided on an “as and when” requested basis upon a duly completed and approved DND 626 Task Authorization in accordance with the task authorization process detailed in the Resulting Contract. The period of the requirement is from Contract Award until nine (9) months after commissioning of the Sapphire System. Commissioning of the Sapphire System is currently scheduled to occur in October 2011.”
A bit of the "why" and "what":
“Canada requires assured access to surveillance of space information such as orbital data on satellites and space debris in support of its defence commitments. Space-based assets are essential for surveillance, reconnaissance, intelligence collection, arms control verification, geomatics, navigation, communications, meteorology and aerospace warning. These assets are vulnerable to accidental collision with space debris and intentional attack or sabotage. Additionally, a growing number of nations have access to satellites, which could be used against Canada or the Canadian Forces (CF) in theatres of operations. To ensure the integrity of space-based assets, safeguard national sovereignty and support CF operations worldwide, it is essential to effectively plan, organize, implement and control activities of the SofSP.”
It'll be interesting to see how quickly the "usual suspect" anti-militarists start painting this as "Star Wars" and "the militarization of space" (because protecting Canada must be bad, right?).

More on the project here.


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