Wednesday, September 23, 2009


From Norman Spector: | Opinion | Chest deep in Afghan quagmire (Walkom)

In the early days of the war, few questioned its need. Those who did, like former New Democratic Party leader Alexa McDonough, were roundly criticized as naive.

When McDonough's successor, Jack Layton, suggested talking to the insurgents in order to win a negotiated peace, he was slammed as a Taliban toady.

Memo to Tom: I seem to remember Jack supporting Gen. Hillier’s comment about killing those murderous killers and scumbags.

Doubting Thomas also manages to sweep under the rug the fact that from 2002 through 2004 there was not much of a Taliban insurgency. The 2001 deposition of their regime seemed at that time a pretty successful operation; the CF's Operation ATHENA at Kabul, 2003-2005, was essentially a "traditional" peacekeeping mission. Hindsight based on either honest or willful blindness is a wonderful thing.


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