Friday, April 17, 2009

Afstan: "What say you now, Manji?"

From The Canada-Afghanistan Blog:

Defying A Threatening Crowd

Afghan women fight back.
But the march continued anyway. About 300 Afghan women, facing an angry throng three times larger than their own, walked the streets of the capital on Wednesday to demand that Parliament repeal a new law that introduces a range of Taliban-like restrictions on women, and permits, among other things, marital rape.

It was an extraordinary scene. Women are mostly illiterate in this impoverished country, and they do not, generally speaking, enjoy anything near the freedom accorded to men. But there they were, most of them young, many in jeans, defying a threatening crowd and calling out slogans heavy with meaning.
Iranian women fight back...
Read the rest to get to Ms. Manji.


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