Saturday, January 10, 2009

The courage (hah!) of their convictions

This was the original title for a January 9 editorial at the online newsletter of the Central Student Association of the University of Guelph:
Editorial: U of G to Honour War Criminal
Today, January 10, this is the title:
Editorial: U of G to Honour War Monger
Cowards for the change.

Update: From leroi at
...sometime late last night [Jan. 10] the reference to Paul Bernardo underwent a sleight-of-hand and was mysteriously removed.

And this morning (between nine and ten) [Jan. 11] the libelous piece is gone altogether:

Editorial: Rick Hillier Editorial
by The Cannon Operating Committee

Jan 11, 2009 - The editorial written by Scott Gilbert and posted on The Cannon Friday, January 9 has been removed while The Cannon operating committee investigates its appropriateness. As with other writing that appears on this website, this editorial does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Central Student Association and the Guelph Campus Co-op who jointly administer The Cannon.

(Someone finally had the presence of mind to consult a solicitor, methinks.)
Cached version of original editorial is here (via Laura Payton).


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