Monday, January 12, 2009

Arctic Economics urges you to vote for The Torch

One hardly expected this, from an Alaskan blogger with lots of expertise:

Congratulations to the bloggers at "The Torch"

Canadian flag

"The Torch" is a group weblog covering the Canadian defense and security issues. There are frequent posts on Canadian Arctic policy. It's a very good resource - the posts are thoughtful and well researched. One of the co-bloggers has repeatedly gone out of his way to help me with items on Canadian policy.

Right now "The Torch" is one of ten 2008 Weblog Award finalists in the category of "Best Canadian Blog." I want to offer my congratulations for making the top ten. This is a quality pick.

You can check the weblog out, and - until 10 PM GMT on Tuesday [Jan. 13] - you can vote for it, here: The Torch front page - click on the button at the top of the page. They've been covering Afghanistan heavily recently; you can use the Google search tool part way down the right-hand column to bring up links to their Arctic posts.


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