Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meanwhile, in Berlin...

...the German government, with a far more pacifist population than Canada, is doing what the Canadian government won't: spelling out a national security policy. Thanks to OPFOR for the tip.

For far too long, in other words, German political leaders shied away from communicating a comprehensive strategic framework that defines the country’s national interests and addresses responses to the various threats. The conservative strategy paper defines Germany’s national interests in terms of five issue areas: (1) the fight against terrorism; (2) nuclear proliferation; (3) energy and pipeline security; (4) climate change; and (5) the prevention of conflicts.

More on the effort can be found here:

"The idea is to start a wide debate about Germany's national interests," said Andreas Schockenhoff, chairman of the conservative bloc in Parliament's foreign affairs committee who was responsible for writing the document. "It is time to discuss how, with much better coordination with our EU and NATO partners, we can deal with the challenges facing us."

The 19-page paper, "A Security Strategy for Germany," says the country faces five main challenges: the fight against terrorism, nuclear proliferation, energy and pipeline security, climate change and the prevention of conflicts.

The government and the Defense Ministry last year published lengthy but vague analyses, short of policy and strategy. Indeed, successive governments have shied away from discussing national interests. They did not want to be seen to be exerting a strong national identity because of Germany's Nazi past.

Besides, for decades, its national interests were anchored to the integration of the EU and the trans-Atlantic alliance represented by NATO.

Is anyone in Ottawa listening? Or are the political spin-doctors so preoccupied with drinking their own bathwater that they can't hear anything other than the sound of their own voices anyhow?

Canada needs a real defence strategy. Geez, people, even the Liberals had one, for heaven's sake. Sort yourselves out.


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See also the “Update” here.


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