Sunday, April 20, 2008

What are the CF doing in Afstan?

If one simply glances at our media one would know that:

1) They're getting blown up in vehicles from time to time (sometimes fatally);

2) If one follows closely, they are training the Afghan army (more from Oliver Moore of the Globe and Mail) and police (more here);

3) And also doing development (more here).

Where's all the combat that has caused so much controversy (it appears some of it recently may have been, er, underplayed by the CF)? And what's wrong with the mission unless fatalities, however caused, are the over-riding concern?

Update: Another good, outside the wire, police training story. Plus Brits in combat.

Upperdate: Something new--foot patrols in Kandahar city (CBC video here). Learning from the US (esp. Marines) in Iraq?
The [Marine] 1st Battalion's headquarters is located several miles outside of Hit, but several company-sized or smaller outposts are in the city itself. Each day Marines take to the streets by foot and vehicle, showing their presence and interacting with the people on a more personal level. Since September alone about 5,000 patrols have been mounted in the shopping areas, along main roads, in neighborhoods and along the palm groves hugging the river. Seventy percent of the "presence" operations have been on foot...
More on emerging US doctrine here.

Uppestdate: Engaging in combat in support of British paras (02:26). Thanks, BBC. One's gotta pay close attention to find out what's going on. Matthew Fisher seems very relevant when one is trying to understand why it's from the foreign media we learn these things.


Blogger Minicapt said...

Not trying to start a pissing contest, but those foot patrols and such were a Lessons Learned from operations in Bosnia, as in Canadian Army Ops.


8:07 p.m., April 22, 2008  

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