Saturday, April 19, 2008

Poles to Ghazni province, not Paktika

WARSAW, April 18 (Xinhua) -- Polish forces in Afghanistan will concentrate in the province Ghazni, Polish Defense Minister Bogdan Klich said Friday.

Klich said Ghazni had been chosen as in the case of the also-considered province Paktika the soldiers would have had to patrol dangerous border zones, Polish news agency PAP reported.

The minister, who is in Ghazni inspecting Polish troops, also announced the enlargement of Poland force in Afghanistan by 400 men and extra helicopters and transport vehicles.

Under earlier agreements Poland was to take over one of the Afghan provinces following the enlargement of its forces.

Currently Polish troops are stationed in Ghazni, Gardeza, Sharan, Wazi-Khwa, Bagram and Kandahar.

So the Poles won't be on the border. Does that mean less of a combat role? And where will the French go in the east?


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