Sunday, February 24, 2008

There's a reason some people join the military

They actually want action and to achieve something:
SOLDIERING is more popular than it has been in years thanks to the Afghanistan mission, Canada's top general told a gala dinner Saturday night.

"There's a shine on the Canadian forces right now, which goes beyond all recruiting efforts, as good as they are," said Gen. Rick Hillier, chief of the defence staff. "More and more people are wanting to join and become part of this incredible family."

Hillier said the Canadian armed forces are attracting young people -- 21,000 at various stages of training in the last three years -- who are buoyed by Canada's role in Afghanistan. He said more young Canadians consider going to Afghanistan not only a "useful mission" but an "attraction."..

The general spoke passionately about the physical and mental challenges of joining the army, noting most significantly that young recruits "want to be part of something greater than themselves."..
In other words, they want to fight with the Canadian Forces.


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