Monday, February 25, 2008

If only there were more like Christie...

...especially at the Globe & Mail, where the irresponsibly misleading reports and headlines continue unabated. Blatchford, as always, is a must-read, today on the topic of Hillier's recent speeches and the spinning that has gone on around them.

I wonder if people like Campbell Clark have any shame at all about misinforming Canadians - like with this line:

Gen. Hillier also said that once there is a decision to extend the mission, parliamentarians should vote "overwhelmingly" to support the troops.

Did he really? Because as I understand it, he said that once a decision has been made whether or not to extend the mission, parliament should vote "overwhelmingly" to support the troops. And that's no small distinction, since Clark's version has Hillier stepping beyond his mandate into the realm of political interference.

Shame on the Globe. Although how much a concept like shame matters to them at this point, I don't know.


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