Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Exercise Trident Fury 2007 To Run May 7-18

I guess the Navy's back in the money. Note the dreaded "I" word in the last line of the excerpt.
Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC) will host Exercise Trident Fury from May 7th to 18th, attracting over 2,000 participants and more than $1 million in expected economic benefits for the community. Exercise Trident Fury will involve ships, aircraft, and a limited number of ground units participating in a full spectrum of warfare training with emphasis on air defence and anti-submarine warfare events. It will also include a variety of live surface and air weapons firings.

This exercise will assemble a diverse group of exercise participants, including four Canadian Pacific Fleet warships (HMC Ships Algonquin, Regina, Ottawa and Saskatoon), three United States Navy vessels and a United States Coast Guard vessel. Approximately 40 aircraft from the Canadian and United States Air Forces, the United States Navy, and State Air National Guards will also participate, operating from Victoria International Airport, 19 Wing Comox and the continental United States.

This exercise will allow Canadian Forces personnel to develop skills and expertise that can be deployed anywhere in the world, while allowing the Navy to support Canadian sovereignty at home or abroad. “Exercise Trident Fury provides an excellent training opportunity for the Canadian Forces,” said Commodore Bruce Donaldson, Commander of the Canadian Pacific Fleet. “This exercise is designed to hone operator and team skills, to validate tactics, and to enhance Canada – United States interoperability in today’s complex, multi-threat environment.”..
Money mentioned earlier here and here.


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