Thursday, September 28, 2006

Darfur: Liberal Senator says Canadian military are racist

Senator Peter Stollery strikes a very low blow indeed.
Canada's military is "tapped out" with no more troops to spare for missions in strife and poverty-stricken Africa, the chief of defence staff told a Senate committee yesterday [Sept. 26]...

Liberal Senator Peter Stollery called it a "disgrace" Canada has spread its resources so thin that we have only 65 soldiers posted to Africa in troubled regions like the Congo and Sudan.

"I think that the military does not want to go to Africa. We're dealing with black African peasants. It's not sexy, and they don't want to go," he said after the meeting.

Stollery believes it is CF brass, not the government, that has resisted going to Africa in substantial numbers.

"Maybe it's because their buddies at NATO aren't there -- the other NATO countries aren't there either," he said...
The Senator does not seem to understand reality:
The Security Council has already put Sudan's government on notice. The crucial question is: What happens if Sudan does not "consent?" If it says no, the Security Council has a choice. It can find troops from countries willing to send their young men and women into a hostile environment [my emphasis - MC], or it can do nothing. As difficult as the first option might be, if the UN does not act, the "responsibility to protect" will become an empty phrase, as meaningless in the 21st century as "never again" was in the 20th.


Blogger Chris Taylor said...

What a contemptible piece of partisan grandstanding by a senator.

He is fortunate that parliamentary privilege protects him from slander litigation.

2:56 p.m., September 28, 2006  

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